Which stone compliments the wholesale silver rings?

wholesale silver rings

Wholesale silver rings can be beautifully styled by complimenting them with different stones. Each stone tells a different story and has subtle energy that affects the lives of those who wear it. Every stone has its properties, and each stone offers mood-enhancing and healing effects for the people who use them. If you are sensitive to energy, then you will respond to the qualities of the gemstones. You can immediately feel the gemstones’ impact on your life as soon as you start wearing them. For the positive effect, you need to wear a favorable gemstone that suits your body and power. You need to select the gemstone that will support you in achieving your specific goals and challenges.


wholesale silver rings

Perfect gemstones in wholesale silver rings


Following are some of the colored gemstones that will compliment your wholesale silver rings. Also, we have mentioned all the excellent gemstone properties, elegant colors, and performances. From this information, you will find the perfect gemstone to fit your wholesale silver rings design and style.

Colored diamonds: Diamonds are one of the top-selling gemstones that perfectly compliment wholesale silver rings. Diamonds have the most enviable properties, and it can resist scratches better than any other gemstone. This property of hardness is the supreme quality of diamonds that goes perfectly with the rings. 925 silver earring They also have supreme dispersion and brilliance. Hardly, 1 in 10,000 diamonds has a natural color. Diamonds that have intense colors are more expensive than others. Colored diamonds offer different exotic colors that include canary yellow, pastel green, sparkling pink, champagne, and eye-catching black. Pink diamonds are the most expensive diamonds.


wholesale silver rings



Sapphires are also called the gemstones of royalty. Although sapphires are associated with blue colors, it also comes in every hue except the red color. These are the rare gemstones that show pleochroism. Pleochroism gemstones show two different colors, which depend on the viewing angles. Star sapphires are also one of the rarest kinds of sapphires. These kinds of the sapphire display a beautiful star-like optical effect called asterism. Sapphires are the second hardest gemstones after diamonds, with a hardness of 9. These gemstones are the most expensive and perfectly complement wholesale silver rings. 


Emeralds are also called the jewels of the kings. It is included in the royal gemstone options. It is available in light, deep, and dark green color shades. These gemstones have a hardness of 8, and they can resist scratches, but it also needs proper care. Emeralds need oil treatments overtimes. Emeralds are one of the pricey options for wholesale silver rings, but it beautifully compliments the rings.


Rubies are one of the most stunning gemstones. It shares the durability and hardness of sapphire. The color of this stone is pigeon-blood red, i.e., slightly purplish red. The rarity and durability of ruby make it a great choice for engagement rings. Wholesale silver rings with a ruby centerpiece surrounded by diamond gemstones make a one-of-a-kind silver ring.


Amethysts serve as an alternative to diamonds. The color of amethysts ranges from light purple to deep purple. It has a hardness of 7 that makes it scratch proof. Any color of amethysts would make a stunning wholesale silver ring. These stones represent a love that is ready for deeper and enduring commitments.


Tourmalines family has a variety of colors. They have a hardness of 7 and don’t have cleavage, which makes them a perfect choice for wholesale silver rings. All kinds of tourmaline have an eye-catching luster. Some variety of tourmaline changes its color when lights hit their surface. Some of the most popular tourmaline gemstones include:

  • Chrome tourmalines.
  • Green tourmalines.
  • Rubellite tourmalines.
  • Blue tourmalines.
  • Paraiba tourmalines.


Citrines have become a wonderful and popular choice for wholesale silver rings. The color of citrines ranges from light yellow to deep yellow or even champagne yellow. The most popular and expensive Madeira citrines have a deep orange color with red flashes. Citrines have a hardness of 7, just like amethysts, making them a perfect choice for daily wear rings.


Garnets have the largest variety of colors as compared to other gemstones. You will find garnets in white, yellow, brown, orange, purple, green, and even many more colors. The hardness of the garnet species ranges from 6.5 to 7.5. All the garnets make an excellent choice for wholesale rings. Some of the most popular garnets are as follows:

  • Demantoid garnets.
  • Mandarin garnets.
  • Tsavorite garnets.
  • Malaya garnets.
  • Rhodolite garnets.


Aquamarines can bring the dream-like design of wholesale silver rings with their stunning light blue to green-blue colors. These gemstones have a hardness of 7.5 to 8, making them a great option for daily wear rings. These aquamarine gemstones look attractive alone as well as surrounded by diamonds. Stones with deep blue color costs more as they do not require special cleaning or care. Aquamarines belongs to a beryl gem family just like emeralds.


Opals are a completely different type of gemstone as they differ from all the other gemstones. Opals require special care, and it has a rare hardness which ranges from 5.5 to 6.5. Opals can show many different patterns and variant colors. These gemstones have a higher water content; that’s why if they dehydrate, they may crack. This is the main reason why opals need more care than any other gemstone. If you choose Opals for your wholesale silver rings, you just need to know more about opals and their settings as they are the most complicated stone among all of them.


Our final say: 

There are many more options when it comes to gemstones that complement wholesale silver rings. Above, we have mentioned all the popular and good looking stones that perfectly complements your wholesale silver rings. From hardness of 5.5 to 10, you can choose anyone that suits your style and c