Wholesale Rings Tips for Plus Size Women

What are Wholesale Plus Size rings?

Wholesale Plus size rings can be simply described as rings that are perfectly crafted to fit larger finger sizes that fall above the category of average finger sizes. A lot of jewelers accommodate regular sizes and as a result of that, little to no attention is paid to buyers who are looking to purchase bigger ring sizes. As everyone is different, so is the shape and size of their fingers.


While many women have long and slender fingers, others have small and chubby fingers. Regardless of how elongated or short your fingers are, rings are meant to be worn by everyone. These 10 wholesale ring tips for plus-size women will reveal great ways to make every plus-size woman’s fingers look stunning.

Wholesale Rings Tips for Plus Size Women


1. Choose a thick band ring

It is advisable for plus-size women to go for thin bands as that will emphasize and draw more attention to the fingers. It will also do a wonderful job of diverting attention from the size of your finger to the beauty of the ring you have on it. Ensure to go for a brand that is four to three millimeters thick and wide.

2. Consider Sizing and customizing Your Wholesale Ring

It may be quite difficult to find your ring size in any ring store or online if you have chubby and thick fingers. On that note, it is advisable to get it customized and crafted to fit your fingers perfectly. Hong Factory specializes not only in customizing your desired ring type but also guide you regarding the most fashionable rings for your finger size. When you get your wholesale ring customized, you don’t feel left out or out of place wherever you find yourself as your fingers will look completely stunning.

3. Choose Wide Ring Setting

Of all the wholesale rings tips for plus-size women, this one stands out. It is highly advisable to go for rings that are characterized by wide settings as this is known to give an outstanding look too thick fingers. If you’re not up for purchasing a wholesale ring that is very thick and showy, you should at least choose a setting that gives an effect of that nature. This setting will automatically give your fingers a slender look as well as an array of creative and unique options for your choosing.

4. Pick a statement Ring

You have an unusual opportunity which people with thinner fingers do not have. You can wear almost any statement ring and make it look stunning. Bigger statement rings allow your fingers to appear smaller. Picture your fingers as a blank canvas and go wild. Find a cluster ring that is beautiful, feminine, and delicate even on bigger hands. Use colored gems on your wholesale ring. You can in fact combine any shade you love bright gemstones or diamonds, creating a lively and colorful look on your fingers.

5. Buy a Bigger Focal Gem

This is no excuse to show off a really large center gem, however, thicker fingers best go with large stones. The larger gem will fit perfectly into your fingers and its size will give your fingers a slim look.

6. Consider the size of your knuckles

When purchasing a wholesale ring, it’s important for plus-size women to opt for heavy and thick bands especially if they have short, wide/fat fingers that only appear twice their size due to their big knuckles. Thicker rings are specially crafted to take all the attention from the knuckle size to the ring as these rings will make the knuckles appear smaller.

7. Do not purchase wholesale rings with square designs

One of the mistakes that plus size women must avoid making is purchasing rings with square designs or gemstones cuts as they will help to further emphasize the fingers. It is more advisable to choose rings with cuts designs as they will help to elongate the fingers. For example- marquise, oval, and pear shapes. In addition, wholesale rings with wider settings show less skin on both sides of the ring, giving the illusion of thinner fingers. Go for rings with soft edges while avoiding rings with sharp edges.


Additional Tips

As a plus-size woman, it’s best to avoid problems by going for a ring that suits you perfectly. If you’re purchasing your ring in person, simply ask to try on various sizes at the store to see which one fits best. For online orders, it’s important to already know your ring size. There are various methods that can help you find your perfect ring size. First, check out ring sizing charts online to measure your finger in the comfort of your home. Just ensure to print out the chart correctly to get the sizes correct.

You also have the option of wrapping a string around your ring finger and measuring the length of that part of the string. Compare its length to the lengths shown in the ring size chart. Other tips include: lubricating your ring finger to make sliding a ring over your fingers easy, controlling your diet as it plays an important role in how much water your body retains. If your body retains excessive amounts of water, it will get your fingers much bigger than you want them to be. Two ways to diminish water retention are consuming less salt and drinking more water.

Another tip is elevating your hand, especially if it’s swollen. By lifting your hand in the air for a couple of minutes, you reduce the blood flow to the hand, causing your fingers to decrease to a reasonable extent. Once you have had your hand in the air for a while, dipping them in cold water will cause a temporary narrowing of your blood vessels. If a ring is much too small for you, try not to force it as that might make you feel uncomfortable for the entire day. Keep in mind that the best solution to choosing a ring is getting one that fits perfectly, regardless of your size.

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