How to Polish Sterling Silver 925 At Home

sterling silver 925

Most people fail to understand the variation between sterling Silver and pure silver. It is not something everyone knows as a common IQ question. Although both do not use 100% of pure silver, yes, there is a difference in their composition. Even pure silver is composed of 99% silver. Sterling silver 925, on the other hand, contains around 92% of pure silver. When you are planning to buy either of them, you get well aware of their disparity. Knowledge about how to polish sterling silver 925 at home is the next step.

There is diversity because pure silver is quite soft and sensitive. We can compose jewelry and statues’ designs by adding some other metals as an impurity. The beautiful jewelry you see in the market with complex designs are all because of the sterling silver 925.

Guidance How to polish sterling silver 925 at home


Soap and water method:

Let’s get to the basics. All the cleaning and washing methods are no big deal with soap and a little bit of water. The same goes for your sterling silver 925. In our opinion, you should try a liquid form dishwasher which is free from phosphate. Take a microfiber cloth or a sponge or soft toothbrush. Add that soap in a little bit of warm water and make a solution with lather.


sterling silver 925


Your jewelry piece will go in that solution to soak a little, and rubbing it then will give you optimal results. Now give the regular strokes as you do for polishing, and your sterling silver jewelry will end up looking as new. You should remember to take extra cautions with the plated silver. Also, do not let your silver stay for too long in the water.

Polish brought from the store:

Primarily there are two different kinds of sterling silver 925’s polishes available in the market. The one is cream silver, and the other one is spray polish. Former tarnishing suits the regular and normal size polishing, while the latter polishing asks for the bulk of polishing.

Try applying the polish on your defamed or tarnished region on your silver with a cloth. Then, the silver should go to rinse with water. It will leave behind all the tarnishing of your jewelry, and you will see your item as new as ever. When you get done with all of it, leave it to dry itself out. You would not want the water spots as a new headache.

Lemon juice with Olive Oil:

In case you do not know, lemon is famous for providing citrus juice, which is excellent for cleaning purposes. You will want a cheap way and free from hassle to polish your sterling silver 925. This is one of the cheapest ways to get it done at your home. The results are mesmerizing.

Take half a small cup filled with lemon juice along with one tablespoon of olive oil and make a solution. Allow the space for your jewelry piece and take it out in a larger bowl. The solution will extract the damaged or stained area. wholesale earring You should soak up the sponge or cloth before you enter the jewelry. Now the process goes the same. Polish it, rinse with lukewarm water and allow it to dry in another clean cloth.


You might be surprised by this one. Yes, your regular tomato ketchup can also give you polishing of your sterling silver 925. Take the ketchup on some paper towel and try rubbing it on the stained region. If it does not give you the shine you want, try waiting for fifteen minutes. For some textured ornaments, it will be better if you use a toothbrush for rubbing. Then you rinse it and get it dry.


You have tried whitening your teeth; why not your silver? You can apply your regular toothbrush and get rid of the problem of how to polish sterling silver 925. The thing to remember is that your toothbrush must not have abrasive microcrystals. The tartar balancing toothpaste is best for cleaning your jewelry.

Squirt the toothpaste on your finger and apply it to the defamed part of your jewelry. You do not need to worry if you do not get your desired results on the first attempt. Rub it once and wash and dry it. It will get clean and give a fresh polish look. If not, then do it again and again till you get it as shiny as before.


sterling silver 925

Baking soda with vinegar:

Usually, the baking soda works best with warm water for cleaning. It might be possible to have such heavy tarnishes that your ordinary method won’t work. You can try it with the white vinegar. The solution may fizz during the process but do not stress yourself.

You can take half a cup of white vinegar, all mixed up and stirred up with two tablespoons of baking soda. Allow it to get an expanded area and pour it out in a bowl. Keep in mind that heavy tarnishes are not very easy to deal with. So, leave your ornament for two to three hours in that solution. 925 silver earring Now, rinsing and cleaning and drying all of it is the same.

Go to professionals:

Are you lazy enough to do it yourself? There is a basic way for how to polish sterling silver 925. Getting rid of heavy stains is not an easy task. If your regular methods mentioned above are not working, it’s time to include some professionals.

There are professionals available in the market. You can arrange a meeting with them or go to their shops. They will give you the service, and you will get your sterling silver 925 polished without any hard work                               


These methods of how to polish sterling silver 925 at home will surely help you. The reason for tarnish to your sterling silver 925 is by exposing it to air for a long time. The right place for the jewelry is the boxes or pouches free from dust. No doubt, your jewelry also requires some attention and maintenance. You would never want your expensive sterling silver to lose its beauty. Take good care of it and clean it when needed. A little amount of effort will help you to go a long way.