Analyzing the past fashion silver pendant event to achieve perfect style in present-day

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Welcome to the second part of ”Analyzing the past silver pendant fashion event to achieve perfect style in present-day” with give us some clue regarding the past fashion event held in Spain. By going through to time and take a look and decisions of many designers, we hope that we can help you incorporate that unique style in your everyday life. Without further ado, let’s look at those fantastically timeless fashion concepts!


silver pendant

Leading the way with dusty silver pendant colors

   Without a doubt, the dusty color was a crucial trend for that spring/summer season. Several collections such as those made by Michelle Jenner or Amaia Salamanca announce that the tones that will continue to dominate the summer season will be pink, nude or powdered salmon colors, very balanced and timeless colors that always bring fresh and fresh air to any look.

   Fundamental tips: choose elegant and discreet wholesale silver pendants that play with the harmony of the dress and do not break the calm character of the look. Wholesale silver pendants in the same soft tones or with classic airs become the best bet to achieve an impeccable style (as an additional note: very important, have a right skin tone!).


True to style with floral prints and vaporous fabrics

   Ana Fernández and Nerea Barros were true to their style and fashion, in both cases, to combine floral motifs in pastel tones with wide dresses and full shapes. In these cases, in which the fabric stands as the main protagonist and captures all the attention, it is best to opt for simple accessories and classic jewels that do not reload much more a look that, in itself, is already striking (it is more, in the case of Nerea Barros the almost total absence of complements is even a success).


silver pendant

Complement your style with a touch of color and original accessories

   Bright colors, vitamin or original forms that are entirely trending this season and, also, are very suitable for this type of celebrations.

 It looks that attract all eyes and that, with the perfect jewelry and accessories, are even more successful. Risky and striking earrings (but successful!), as in the case of Belén López, or the choice of a choker for a strapless neckline, as Macarena Gómez does, are the perfect fashion to achieve an unbeatable style. For the more daring fashionista, wholesale pendant a different touch, such as the lyre-shaped bag that the actress looks (although, perhaps, too large and “appalling” for the chosen dress and jewelry).


 The bet on black and white

   Although for weddings, they are not precisely the most recommended colors, there is no event of this type that does not have guests who opt for classic colors such as white and black. Both in its “total white” or “total black” versions, as well as combining both tones, very feminine and flattering looks are achieved where the jewels and accessories acquire the prominence. An opportunity to hit and give free rein to your imagination


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