Everything you need to know about holding your ear and using 925 silver earrings for the first time.

Meta Description: Does Ear Piercing Hurt? What do I need to know before getting my ears pierced? What should I do? What kind of 925 sterling silver should I use? All your answers will be covered in this article, read on!

In some countries, parents have their daughters ears pierced at an early age. They felt like something a woman had to do. And they look so beautiful wearing 925 sterling silver earrings, but after the girls grow up day by day, the trend changes.

silver earrings There are many types of piercings on the market and the interesting thing is that all of them are fashionable. No matter what you get, you’ll still look your best. Here are some things you need to know before getting your ears pierced again.

Everything you need to know about holding your ear and using 925 silver earrings for the first time.

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do it professionally

You should have your ears done by a professional technician. silver earrings Check if he or she doesn’t use a gun in the making. Since guns are not sterile because they are made of plastic and can cause infections, your ears are susceptible. So, if you want to get it and don’t want any hassle after it’s done, you should consider this option.

If you are already infected and find something uncertain around your 925 sterling silver earrings, you need to consult your doctor and get topical medication to heal.

the type of earrings used

silver earrings You must choose earrings before piercing your ears. You should choose from 925 sterling silver earrings. This type of jewelry does not cause you any allergic reactions and always has a green signal. Therefore, these types of earrings are considered high-class earrings as they have very little or no problems.

Another type of earring that you should not strictly choose is earrings made of nickel. This can cause you a severe allergic reaction and can lead to an infection. Nickel is generally found to be allergic to almost everyone. silver earrings

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avoid infection

For example, we consider that you have been infected for any reason. You don’t need to worry The only thing you have to do is take care of them. All you need are two ingredients. One is hydrogen peroxide and Vaseline. silver earrings

silver earrings Don’t be afraid while reading the word “hydrogen peroxide.” It is a chemical that can be found over-the-counter and is harmless. rather it prevents you from getting infected.

First you need to clean your 925 sterling silver earrings with hydrogen peroxide. This is a kind of earring sterilization. Then insert the earrings into your piercing. Before locking the earring from behind, apply Vaseline to the back of the earring.

silver earrings You need to reapply Vaseline every two hours. If you don’t have Vaseline, you can use nail polish. But you don’t need to repeat this step. should do it once

keep your ears clean

After having the ear pierced, there is a higher chance of infection. silver earrings If it’s not at the time of the piercing, it can happen after 2 or 3 days. This usually happens when you don’t take care of the hygiene of your newly pierced ear.

Your dirty finger touches the 925 sterling silver earring and gets infected, which can cause a very painful red rash and can lead to gonorrhea. All you have to do is keep your ears clean. silver earrings

silver earrings Sterilize after a few minutes. It will go away in a few days, give it some time, but if it doesn’t go away within a few minutes, you may need a doctor to examine it. He may prescribe antibiotics for you to speed up the recovery of the infection.

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earrings for sensitive ears

silver earrings If you have sensitive skin and your ears are sensitive, you need to consider good earrings. You tend to go for the hypoallergenic earring section. But you should know that not all earrings are labeled hypoallergenic. They just have the surface covered with 925 sterling silver. Jewelry

If you like to wear jewelry and your ears are sensitive. Then you need to invest in good quality 925 sterling silver earrings. They are generally hypoallergenic. Before buying earrings, you should be more interested in what they are made of than just reading the label.

Choose the correct earring type.

No matter what kind of 925 sterling silver earrings you choose, this will suit you. But you can mix and match the colors of the attached stones to make them look pretty. You must choose a stud in the early stages of the piercing as it will help with infection. silver earrings

Earrings must be selected according to personality and skin tone. Even if you choose something for yourself, silver earrings it doesn’t matter because you know best what suits you. silver earrings

silver earrings What’s important is at first glance when you’re done. Because people will see that the studs that pierced their ears are not the ones that actually pierced. So you should choose wisely.

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final thoughts

Many people who are uncomfortable with having more than one piercing may think that beauty is pain. But this is not true. You just have to finish it from the right place and avoid some of the things mentioned above. silver earrings

Some of you may be afraid to think of using a needle to pierce your ear. You don’t need to be afraid if you do it by a professional. They are experienced and work hard. Also, one important thing is to choose your 925 sterling silver earrings that will sensibly be attached to your earrings so that your ears heal quickly.

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