Tree of life, the immortally classic symbol for marcasite jewelry

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Welcome to the second part of a series of the article called ”Tree of life, the immortally classic symbol for marcasite jewelry: the origin, exciting fact, and its implementation”. In this series of articles, we explore some exciting stories behind the ancient symbol called the Tree of Life which presents itself in many cultures, religions, and usages all over the world. By going through to time and take a look at how this undying symbol of life was used, we essentially hope that we can discover the secret that makes it one of the most used symbols in the world.


The Tree of life symbol of marcasite jewelry

   The Celtic Tree of life is considered the most aesthetic to place on tattoos, pendants, or other applications. It is a knotted tree that is often drawn in a circle representing the world. Its branches reach the sky, and its roots are introduced under the ground. In this way, it represents a bridge between heaven and earth. The knotted structure of the roots creates an infinite loop that represents eternity.

   For the Celts, wholesale jewelry it represented the renewal of nature that thrives in the summer, vanishes in the fall, dies in the winter and is reborn in time for spring. In some variants of the Celtic Tree of life, they are represented as a tree full of fruit, flowers and animals like birds and butterflies flying or perched on the Tree. They can even appear wolves are howling at their feet, representing life, livelihood, and wealth.


marcasite jewelry

The Tree of life in art and culture

   The Tree of Life has always been a cultural reference and has been represented in paintings and sculptures throughout history, but in our times we can also find it in movies, songs, paintings or books.

   In the cinema, he has had his space thanks to the famous movie The Tree of Life — an American drama directed by Terrence Malick and starring actors Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain. The film is set in the 50s and tells the story of an American family, focusing on the evolution of their eldest son. The film is an attempt to reconcile with his father, Mr. O’Brien, who will try to teach him to face a hostile world. A poetic reflection on family and life.


marcasite jewelry

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