Summer’s most anticipated Jewelry trends

Jewellery is the flexible partner to fashion, whether it’s the final touch on a look or the statement pieces to build your ensemble around. People are anxious to show off their flair as the globe opens up, and the gleaming metals, crystals, and jewels used in jewellery are the ideal vehicle for doing so. We may anticipate seeing more uniqueness in our accessorising as summer approaches, from vibrant combos to personalised pieces. Here are some of the summer’s most anticipated trends and standout looks. Jewelry trends

Summer’s most anticipated Jewelry trends

Jewelry trends

Bold Golds

For those sunny summer days, why not add a golden touch? Katkim designer Katherine Kim explains, “It’s a timeless essential that always generates happiness.” Gold is the metal of choice for summer, from a chain necklace to a sculptural ring to a pair of elegant hoops. Jewelry trends

Rainbow Jewels

Mateo designer Matthew Harris adds, “This summer, it’s all about colour!” The show-stoppers in his beautiful jewellery are turquoise and malachite. Bea Bongiasca’s mega-popular enamel rings and earrings, Adina’s Jewels’ multi-colour stone necklaces, and fashion-girl fave Notte’s whimsical designs feature all the hues of the rainbow. The bright, “happy jewellery” trend is here to stay, according to Jessica Tse, the founder of Notte. Jewelry trends

Pearl Accents

“Pearls have been having a moment,” Katherine Kim adds, “especially when they’re done in modern ways.” “They’re easily classic and feminine, and they’re perfect for layering or pairing with other jewellery items in your collection.” The marine gems have always been a graceful ornament, but innovative techniques to incorporate them have gone beyond the traditional strand. Pearls are used in Misho’s cuff earrings and rings, as well as hanging as organic pendants. Notte, on the other hand, gives pearls a kitschy feel by stringing them with happy face charms and bright gemstones. Jewelry trends

Personalized Pieces

Personalized jewellery may be customised to anyone’s interests, from representing your zodiac sign to wearing your initials. Paola Sasplugas, co-founder and chief creative director of PD Paola, is one of the designers who has recognised this rising demand for jewellery made specifically for you. Jewelry trends

Layers on Layers

Our jewellery is following in the footsteps of post-pandemic fashion, which has already embraced maximalism. There’s no end to accessorising this summer, whether you’re stacking chokers and chains, heaping on the arm candy, or wrapping yourself in body jewellery. “When the weather warms up and clothes become optional, I prefer to wrap up in layers that empower,” says Jacquie Aiche, a well-known designer. “For days spent barefoot by the sea, body chains and anklets are the perfect, sensuous accessories.” Wearing several rings is another simple method to get a high-impact jewellery appearance. Jewelry trends

Jewelry trends

Nature-Inspired Motifs

Various flora and wildlife appear as tiny charms and incorporate themes in our jewellery. Sasplugas sought to “show love for these small backyard creatures” with a series of gem-encrusted beetle earrings, necklaces and rings for PD Paola. Butterflies are another flying creature that has been given a glitzy makeover in jewellery designs. Jacquie Aiche makes semiprecious stone-encrusted statement butterfly necklaces and rings, while Adina’s Jewels sells rhinestone-encrusted butterfly anklets and stacking rings. Jewelry trends

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