Brand name jewelry that girls must have a piece in their life

Of course, women and jewelry go hand in hand. But it would be a general decoration, it would be too ordinary. For girls Having a branded piece of jewelry will surely fulfill your dream of being a woman. jewelry that girls

jewelry that girls Also known as the Wish List, but the price of these jewelry is already expensive or high. but with design Luxury guaranteed by the brand imprinted on them. Make the girls want to occupy One piece in life is still good. It might take a while to collect the money, but it’s very proud. jewelry that girls

Brand name jewelry that girls must have a piece in their life

jewelry that girls


Now, it’s time for us to take a look at the brand name jewelry that every girl should have in her life. What’s up? and what’s the price

PANDORA Bracelet

Brand of jewelry that girls are already well known for, such as PANDORA, jewelry that is a bracelet. both beautiful and cute With features that we can choose Charms or beads to decorate the bracelet jewelry that girls

jewelry that girls according to our style or simply say We can design a bracelet in our own way, with more than a hundred Charms to choose from. Bracelets are 2,550 baht per piece and Charms 450 baht per piece.

jewelry that girls

Cartier Love Ring

a luxury jewelry brand that has designed an elegant ring design. nice but simple that comes with the brand’s unique screw-shaped details. And some models may be added luxury with small diamonds. jewelry that girls

besides the ring There are also other accessories such as bracelets, earrings, pendants, importantly, some rings in this collection. Girls are also popular to choose a wedding ring as well. jewelry that girls The starting price is 35,000 baht.

CHANEL Classic Earrings

Arrive at the girl’s favorite jewelry brand like CHANEL that comes with C-shaped earrings,  Silver crossed logo of the brand, which is the signature of CHANEL brand. Add luxury with small crystal details. jewelry that girls

Arranged in a C-shape, there are both silver and gold colors for girls to choose from. The earrings from the brand CHANEL are considered jewelry that are very popular among girls. jewelry that girls With the ability to Mix & Match every look, whether it’s a casual look or an everyday look to a formal look. Prices start at 12,500 baht.

jewelry that girls

Hermes Clic Clac Bracelet

Another luxury jewelry brand, Hi-end, beloved by girls, comes with a cool bracelet, simple style, cool, but giving a classic look in Hermes style. Bracelets from the Hermes jewelry brand are available in more than 25 colors. jewelry that girls

jewelry that girls Available in two sizes, PM and GM sites, featured by the letter H on the face of the bracelet is a lock that is the signature of this Hermes bracelet. PM sites start at 19,300 baht and GM prices start at 21,200 baht.

BVLGARI B.zero1 Ring

The ring is a signature shape of the brand BVLGARI. jewelry that girls The brand says that this ring is a symbol of power and confidence to the wearer. With the design of the ring that looks like a multi-layered stacked line.

with brand name engraved on the side with a design that makes it not boring to wear Can match many looks The ring from the brand BVLGARI is one of the most popular jewelry ever. It can also be used as a pendant for a necklace. The starting price is 39,000 baht. jewelry that girls

How is it for a luxury jewelry brand that every woman should have in her life? with elegant design Makes the wearer feel confident when going to work. Although it may take some time to save money to buy these accessories. but believe me If you have jewelry from the luxury brands mentioned above. You definitely won’t regret it.  jewelry that girls

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