Gifts that give back jewellery collection

We’re a sucker for beautiful jewellery around here, and we’d be lost without our favourite pieces. However, when it comes to our jewellery and where we get it, any supplier will not suffice. The artisans who produce the jewellery, where they obtain their materials, and how they manage their companies are just as important to us as they are to our apparel. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favourite jewellery designers for you today. Each firm on our list creates stunning products while also supporting causes that are as inspirational as their designs Gifts

Gifts that give back jewellery collection


Aside from the ethical manufacturing techniques and stunning items, one of the most appealing aspects of this jewellery/accessory/home products company is how it tells the tales of the craftsmen that make everything Lydali offers. You may learn about the person and the narrative behind each product by searching for items conventionally – by category – or by the artisan Gifts.



Starfish Project’s earrings, bracelets, and necklaces do a lot more than simply look nice; they also help save lives. In addition to providing jobs, Starfish works with exploited women in Asia, providing them with refuge, health care, counselling, and other services. Starfish is also trying to grow. This is a jewellery line – and an enterprise in general – that you should pay attention to Gifts.


Everything at Pigeon Toe Ceramics in Portland is unique, but the jewellery has piqued our interest. When you look at the forms and raw materials utilised in each necklace and bangle, you can immediately notice Lisa Jones’ talent in product design. All of Lisa’s items are fully handcrafted to order in her Portland studio (no Portlandia puns, please), with a focus on craft, quality, and function Gifts.



Material Fix is inspired by organisations that empower young women. So inspired that 10% of every jewellery sale goes to a foundation that helps girls in the neediest parts of the world. You may learn about and view photographs of the charity that will receive your gift on every product page on Material Fix’s website, as well as the exact amount that will be contributed from your purchase Gifts.



The Little Market creates beautiful beaded bracelets in collaboration with artists all around the world. And when we say “all over,” we mean it: The Little Market collaborates with artisans and small companies from 12 countries to create bracelets, scarves, décor, and another gift ables Gifts.



NightLight, an international group, has set itself the goal of doing “whatever it takes” to eradicate commercial sexual exploitation across the world. NightLight, which has locations in Bangkok, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Branson, Missouri, create jewellery to support the charity and its excellent activities Gifts.



Christine Mighion, a jewellery designer, is a girl after our hearts: she went to Hawaii on a lark after graduating from college, took some metalsmithing lessons, and began selling her work in local galleries. Her adventurous attitude and love of nature are obvious in her jewellery, despite her departure from Hawaii and relocation to the Midwest. Important to note: Each piece is produced by hand from recycled and organic materials, with revenues going to environmental organisations Gifts.



What began as a fundraising initiative to assist entrepreneur Jessica Honegger in adopting her third child from Rwanda has grown into an inspirational, creative small company with a wide reach. Through parties, in-home sales, and social gatherings, Noonday works with hostesses and ambassadors to assist expose the work of jewellery designers and craftsmen to the huge U.S. consumer market. Like an Avon woman, but for a good cause… in addition to super-stylish jewellery The. Most. Brilliant. Idea. Ever Gifts.



River Song began in 2004 as the proprietors’ respite from organic farming, supporting local craftspeople, fair-trade principles, and craftsmen from all over the world. Pick up a friendship bracelet or a pair of studs online or at the Seattle shop, and don’t miss the colourful Mexican artwork Gifts.


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