Main Works

Group Works

Dream Island
@ Baltimore Theatre Project, Baltimore, MD.
@ Joe's Movement Emporium, Mt Rainier, MD. See reviews.
Twilight Station Check video
Twilight Station

photo by Zachary Z. Handler, Questfest 2014

Twilight Station follows the journey of three people who meet in an obscure station, a juncture of arrivals and departures. Traveling through the multi-layered time and space in their pursuit of missing self, they encounter with each other repeatedly in different dimensions where their past lives, dreams, and illusions get revealed and intertwined. Naoko Maeshiba and performers from Quest Visual Theatre's Wings Company invite the audience to a 70-minute highly charged theatrical experience. Featuring the live music and composition by Andy Hayleck. See reviews.
@ Baltimore Theatre Project, Baltimore, MD.
plasmic patternsPlasmic Patterns: Collaboration with Andy Hayleck
A joint creation with a musician Andy Hayleck.
Where does sound begin and where does it end? Where is the boundary between sound, the body and the environs of stage and audience? Hayleck and Maeshiba delicately examined the intersection of space/body/sound through shifting temporal and spatial relationships with each other.
@ Baltimore Theatre Project, Baltimore, MD. See reviews.
performance in What We See Why We See;What We See Why We See Check video
A joint-creation with Bulgarian choreographer/installation artist, Tzveta Kassabova.
Direction, Choreography, scenography, performance. With lighting design by Rebecca Wolf and original music score by Pauchi Sasaki.
@ Dance Place, Washington D.C. See Washington City Paper's previews.
@ Baltimore Theatre Project, Baltimore, MD. See reviews.
an excerpt from Paraffin
Joint Consert with Sharon Mansur @ Dance Place, Washington, DC. See reviews.
Questfest, Washington, DC. See reviews.
@ Baltimore Theatre Project, Baltimore, MD. See reviews.
International New Media Festival: Moving closer. With Wlodzimierz Kiniorski and Dariusz Makaruk @ M25, Warsaw, Poland
Remains of Shadow
Yugen presents series @ Theatre of Yugen, San Francisco, CA. See reviews.
Remains of Shadow
Capital Fringe Festival @ Woolly Mammoth Theatre Mainstage. See reviews.
Remains of Shadow
QuestFest 2006, Baltimore, MD. See reviews.
Remains of Shadow
Ko Festival of Performance, Amherst, MA. See reviews.
49 Days
Transmodern Age 2005 @ Creative Alliance, Baltimore, MD
Trace (excerpts)
@ Dance Place, Washington, DC
Kennedy Center Local Dance Commissioning Project @ Millennium Stage, Kennedy Center, Washington, DC
The Voyage
@ Baltimore Theatre Project, Baltimore, MD. See reviews.
Spring That Has Gone Too Long
Floor Plan @ Warehouse Gallery, Washington, DC
Streamscape: Gyrosope Project
@ Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden at Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC
@ Theatre Project, Baltimore, MD
Juvenile Delinquent
8th International Improvisational Festival, Washington, DC
@ Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden at Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC
@ Towson University, Studio Theatre at Center for the Arts, Towson, MD
@ Millennium Stage, Kennedy Center, Washington, DC

Naoko Maeshiba Solo Works

Coming and Going
At a reception of Baker Artist Award 2016.
@ Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD
Visit Check video
A collaboration with a Bulgarian designer/director, Venelin Shurelov.
@ Varna Summer International Festival, Varna, Bulgaria
Subject/Object Check video
Ruby grant project. Collaboration with Sara Felder (clowning) and Irena Tomazin (voice). See reviews.
@ Baltimore Theatre Project, Baltimore, MD
Solo Dancesolo dance at Insert Here
In collaboration with Khristian Weeks, this solo dance explored the space under the audience seat in the newly remodeled theatre of Dance Place, Washington, DC. Performed as a part of a dance/installation event “Insert_Here” initiated by Sharon Mansur and Nick Bryson.
@ Dance Place, Washington D.C.
A room with six chairs and three mirrors. A woman enters into the abyss between the past and the future. The spirit resides in the room slowly possesses her. See reviews.
@ Atlas Performing Arts Center, Washington, DC. As a part of “Modern Moves Festival”.
A duo with a musician, Andy Hayleck. The edge of silence. The boundary between sound and silence. The edge of the body. The boundary between body and space.
@ Tank, New York, NY
Kawatokawa (River/Skin) Check video
Kawatokawa (River/Skin)A humorous dance theatre drawing from Maeshiba’s research about “space, body, and language” in Tokyo and Czech Republic. Collaboration with a writer/director Juanita Rockwell. Conception, choreography, performance, sound/costume/object design. With lighting design by Kel Millionie. See reviews
@ Baltimore Theatre Project, Baltimore, MD.
Saying I, Repeatedly Many Times
Maeshiba's performance in "Saying I"Collaborative project with a composer, Jake Harper whose composition is based on the musical structure of Noh theatre. A ‘witness’ observes the attempt of a central action, a‘doer’ is going through the motions of the attempt, and a 3rd party supplies insight to the context of the other two. The plot moves forward along these lines until the final movement, a separation of the spirit of the doer from the body of the witness. All characters are represented by a single dancer, and all music is performed by a solo violin.
@ Tank, New York, NY
0.01 Decibel
Collaboration with a cellist/vocalist Audrey Chen who is now based in Berlin. Her intense presence and piercing sound travels through my body. Presented as a part of “Improv Menu”.
@ Dance Exchange, Washington, D.C.
Shining Fish Check video
A collaboration with an electronic musician Yoko K. and a photographer Riichi Yamaguchi in the exhibit of “Modernity Stripped Bare: Undressing the Nude in Contemporary Japanese Photography”
@ The Art Gallery, University of Maryland at College Park, MD.
performance at a street in Tabor, Czech Republic

photo by David Peltán

When the Wind Crossed, My Body Cried Like an Octopus Check video
This piece examined how the sensation of movements in the body can be transmitted from one location to another. Multiple site-specific experiments led to this solo piece.
@ CESTA (Cultural Exchange Station in Tabor), Tabor, Czech Republic.
Face of Another Check video
A sense of displacement and search for eternity in nothingness. Fluctuating on the boundary between reality and illusion, the familiar and the unknown, the past and the present, and life and death, the delicate balance tips and breaks into each other, revealing the origin of loneliness, desire, and fear in her body.
Joint Consert with Sharon Mansur @ Dance Place, Washington, DC. See reviews.
Scent of Sky Check video
Maeshiba in "Scent of Sky"Collaboration with a sound artist, Alberto Gaitan.
The piece was tapped onto the infinity of the unknown in science/technology, using computer-generated sound bites, falling ping pong balls, and time-based video image slowly unfolding onto my body.
Performed in Source Theatre Festival Mash-up Series @ Source Theatre, Washington, DC. See reviews.
Joint concert with Nancy Havlik's Performance Group @ Source Theatre, Washington, DC
Collaboration with a sound artist, Steve Bradley. His sensitive and subtle sound permeated the space and body. The descending dress was from 1950s.
@ 14 Karat Cabaret. BBox Theatre, Maryland Institute College of Art, MD
Solo Dance Check video
A site-specific solo dance in the land of Hakushu, Japan. This place has been a continuos inspiration for me since 1993. An opportunity to remind myself of where it all started.
Dance Hakushu Festival, @ Hakushu, Japan
As Is (So No Ma Ma)
Performance Mix Festival @ Joyce Soho, New York, NY
@ Ron Klein's Sculpture Spin Before Time, Center for the Arts Gallery, Towson University, MD
A Rose in the Wild
Washington DC XIII International Improvisation Festival. @ Exterior of MLK Library, Washington, DC. See reviews.
A Warrior's Dream
International Cello Festival, Baltimore, MD
Improbable Encounter
With Wlodzimierz Kiniorski and Dariusz Makaruk. @ Lodz Kaliska, Poland