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Why should you pick us as your go-to source for CZ jewelry? For the last 48 years, Hong Factory has constantly provided our clients with excellent and stunningly gorgeous cubic zirconia bespoke collections. With a customer base spanning 60 nations, Hong Factory has made a name for itself because of our high quality and distinctive […]

Gifts that give back jewellery collection

We’re a sucker for beautiful jewellery around here, and we’d be lost without our favourite pieces. However, when it comes to our jewellery and where we get it, any supplier will not suffice. The artisans who produce the jewellery, where they obtain their materials, and how they manage their companies are just as important to […]

Can you get 925 rings silver wholesale as a wedding gift?

Introduction: 925 rings silver wholesale comes with sterling silver which serves well as your wedding gift. The lustrous look and sterling appearance with durable metal make these rings an incredible choice. If your wedding is upcoming and you plan to invest in an affordable, shiny ring, then you can surely opt for 925 rings silver […]

925 ring wholesale with Ruby or Emerald, which looks better?

Stud Earrings

Introduction 925 silver rings wholesale are stylish, pretty, affordable, and sparkly. Jewelry is the shortest cut to any girl’s heart, and girls love to keep a collection. The key to any jewelry collection is its versatility. As we all know, fashion trends keep changing. With this, our jewelry collection also needs up-gradation. These days rings […]

Which stone compliments the wholesale silver rings?

wholesale silver rings

Wholesale silver rings can be beautifully styled by complimenting them with different stones. Each stone tells a different story and has subtle energy that affects the lives of those who wear it. Every stone has its properties, and each stone offers mood-enhancing and healing effects for the people who use them. If you are sensitive to […]

How to Polish Sterling Silver 925 At Home

sterling silver 925

Most people fail to understand the variation between sterling Silver and pure silver. It is not something everyone knows as a common IQ question. Although both do not use 100% of pure silver, yes, there is a difference in their composition. Even pure silver is composed of 99% silver. Sterling silver 925, on the other hand, […]

Analyzing the past fashion silver pendant event to achieve perfect style in present-day

silver pendant

Welcome to the second part of ”Analyzing the past silver pendant fashion event to achieve perfect style in present-day” with give us some clue regarding the past fashion event held in Spain. By going through to time and take a look and decisions of many designers, we hope that we can help you incorporate that […]