Types of Antique Diamond Cuts

Most of the consumers don’t understand the difference between diamond shapes. There are two different properties of the stone. The shape is just an external outline. However, the cut is about shaping rough stones into sparkling gems. If you closely observe the top surface, you will see the edges refracting light. This is something you can call the cut which determines the brilliance of the stone. Antique Diamond

The cut of a diamond actually reveals the hidden beauty of the stone. The old European cut diamond has a round shape but it is geometrically different than a modern diamond. The only difference is that both diamonds have the same round shape but their cutting style is different. The old European round-shaped diamonds are popular for increased colors. Whereas, the modern diamond gives more sparkles and brilliance. Antique Diamond

Types of Antique Diamond Cuts

Antique Diamond

The old diamonds was so popular since the 1800s and until the round brilliant was invented by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919. The round brilliant cut gives a more glittering effect so it is more popular in today’s world. However, there are antique lovers or people who prefer classic jewelry still like the old European cut. Modern technologies were invented in the early 1900s and due to the advancement, few diamonds became obsolete. Antique Diamond

The Rose Cut Diamond

Antique Diamond

The rose cut was introduced in the early 1500s. This particular diamond resembles the petals of a rose flower. The rose diamond cut was so popular for love, and engagement rings. After 4 centuries of its discovery, it became outdated in the 20th century. The rose diamond has 24 facets. Antique Diamond

The Single Cut Diamond

These are the basics of a round-shaped diamond. You may consider it as a simple form of a round diamond. It is one of the oldest diamonds with only 18 facets. With the passage of time, jewelers invented ways to cut a round diamond for more brilliance so it became obsolete. However, there is a modern form of the single cut diamond is available in the market which has the same style but it is without a culet. Antique Diamond

The Old Mine Cut

The old mine cut diamonds were used in Victorian and Edwardian Eras. The old mine cut has a variety of facet patterns and its shape possess a high crown, larger culet, and small table. It was very prominent in the 18th century. Now it is considered an antique diamond.

Old European Cut

Antique Diamond

This is the earlier version of today’s round brilliant diamond. Old European cut diamond has 58 facets with a smaller table and higher crown. The market is full of antique diamonds but the old European cut is one of the most classic diamonds. It is still in demand and it has more value than modern round brilliant diamond if the stone is still in its original setting. The market study shows that round cut diamond engagement rings are top selling than any other diamond and there are many consumers who still prefer the old European engagement rings. Antique Diamond

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