925 silver earring

925 silver earring

Why 925 silver earrings tarnish quickly?

It’s so devastating to dig into your jewelry box in search of your favorite 925 silver earring, bracelet or pendant just to see it rusted and tarnished. You will be disappointed because after storing your silver jewelry with so much care, it still got damaged. But what is the reason behind it?


Why 925 silver earrings tarnish quickly?

Silver is one of the most well-known gems used for making valuable jewelry. It has two different kinds. One is known as silver plate and the other second one is referred to as sterling silver with which all of you must be familiar with. Sterling silver, which is mostly used to make jewelry is an alloy created from a combination of 92.5 percent of real silver and the rest of 7.5 percent is composed of different other metal, most probably copper. The copper inside the silver jewelry is the main reason why your silver gems get discolored and tarnished. 

Apart from this, pure silver is naturally free from any kind of damage and tarnish but it is too soft flexible you be turned into different shapes for jewelry. That is why it is combined with other materials and metals to give them a form. 

925 silver earring

What is tarnish?

Also known as discoloring, basically tarnish is a black or grey layer of corrosion that appears on silver jewelry over time. It is formed of silver sulfide which reacts when it comes into contact with sulfur supposed elements.

925 silver earring

Why silver products tarnish?

Tarnish results from the chemical reaction when other different metals are introduced to humidity and the sulfur in the air. 925 silver earring will be discolored more rapidly if they are stored in a humid climate and a lot of moisture. Moreover, air pollution also increases the chances of tarnish very quickly. Liquids, creams, makeup products, perfumes, and body sprays play an important role in tarnishing your silver jewelry products and damaging them rapidly. It is all because of the chemical reactions taking place with your silver gems. 

If you are fond of silver jewelry and you own them then it is important to know about the tips and tricks hoe to keep them secure and free form any kind of damage.


925 silver earring


How to prevent tarnish on 925 silver earrings?

The easiest and effective method to avoid tarnish is to keep your jewelry in such a container or box which is completely clean, airtight, and dry. For storing such items zip lock bags are the best option. 

You can also place an anti-tarnish strip inside the box where you have placed your silver jewelry. Such kinds of strips when placed with the jewelry items, absorbs any kind of elements that might damage the silver.

Do not wear your 925 silver earring whenever you are doing any kind of activity in the water. Take them off while swimming, taking a bath, or any kind of work where you have to come into contact with the water for a long period.

Another important point which people often overlook it and it becomes the reason for tarnishing your jewelry is that never place your silver earrings and other accessories inside the washroom. As it is a humid place, and when exposed to moisture, your jewelry will be left with no choice but to tarnish.

Avoid using perfumes, hair sprays, and different creams after when you have the jewelry on you. Make sure to put on the jewelry once you have applied all of these items. Contact with cosmetic products can damage sterling silver earrings and other items. 

After using your sterling silver jewelry, make sure that you clean them with a dry and soft cloth before you store them back again into the container.


How to remove tarnish from your sterling silver earrings?

If you see any spots or hints of tarnish on your 925 silver earring, ต่างหูเงิน then make sure to clean it immediately before it spreads more and gets permanent.

The oxidation on the silver makes it tarnish, so to remove it you should use a cloth made especially for cleaning silver. It is known as silver polishing fabric. 

In case the fabric is unable to remove the discoloration, then dip your jewelry inside warm water and let it rest for five minutes. Make sure that you don’t dip the jewelry piece which has pearls or stones on them.

To prepare the solution, mix a tablespoon of dishwashing liquid in the warm water, place the jewelry inside and clean with your hand.

Q tips or soft brushes can also be used for effective cleaning.

The silver jewelry that is adorned with stones or pearls should be cleaned by a Q tip, dipped inside warm water. Rub the Q tip to clean the silver part.

After washing make them completely dry before they go into their boxes again.

For removing old rust and tarnish, cleaning solutions for jewelry are the best option. They remove and clean tarnish and discoloring very quickly. They make your jewelry shine as if you just purchased it. 

In case you are unable to clean your 925 silver earrings at home, then take your jewelry to some professional jewelers who have more updated and advanced methods of cleaning. 

We don’t refer to the cleaning of silver jewelry with baking soda or tubes of toothpaste. Because they contain strong elements that put scratches on the base of silver. 

Strong chemicals like acetone or bleach should be avoided at all costs as they will ruin your jewelry and make silver lose it sparkle and glow. 

The best way to keep your 925 silver earring shine forever is that you keep cleaning them more than often and store them in a clean dry bags or boxes. Don’t wait for the tarnish to appear to clean it. Take care of your jewelry now and then. By proper use and storage, you can make your precious items last for many years and still be able to wear them!