2016 Baker Artist Award

Winners of the 2016 Baker Artist Awards were announced, and Maeshiba received the Board of Governor’s Award!! Check out detail, the winners, and Maeshiba's latest portfolio!

Best of Baltimore: Best Performing Artist Award

Another great news! Baltimore City Paper selected Maeshiba as the Best Performance Artist 2016! Her recent performances at "Subject/Object" were highly praised. Check detail.


Solo dance
@ Baltimore Museum of Art (Freefall Baltimore), Baltimore, MD

Anoouncement: Major change of the site structure

We have to announce that we've decided to finish running our flash version of this site. From now on, only HTML version is available, and this page will be the top of the site, and the former "entrance/intro page" was removed.

Thank you for your long-time support and accesses to our flash site. (10/22/2016)